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Realise your life DREAMS!
Achieve your work OBJECTIVES!

What is your Life Purpose? What is your Dream Job?

How can you transform to be the best version of yourself?

What can you do to contribute, to leave your legacy? 

How can you feel empowered and share your gifts with the world?

Are you feeling lost and feel like your Soul needs healing?

You can improve your life NOW, stop waiting for the opportunity to be right, because it will never be right. The moment to change is NOW. All you need, is a 100% commitment with yourself.
At SWEET BLUE we believe that Coaching is a powerful tool that produces incredible transformation in people who are ready to make the change, come out of the confort zone and take the leap into new, richer experiences.

And you will not be alone. Change and transformation can be fun. As your Coach, I will accompany you in your process. You will be in charge of your transformation all along.

I will make available my compassionate and loving nature, years of dedication to spiritual practices, of experience working in the corporate world, of many travels across the world, alone, for leisure, for business, for personal development.

Call me NOW, I am waiting for you, yes you, to take a leap together into your brightest future.
In SWEET BLUE we value:

  • Treating the person as a whole, body, mind, emotions and spirit
  • Loving Kindness, Love and Compassion as the strongest tool of transformation we all know and we all have
  • Increasing the Consciousness of the people as the only way we can advance as species, evolve for the better and survive in today´s rapidly changing world
  • Coaching as a powerful tool that uses empathy, listening and humility to bring out the best in people… plus a great deal of humour!

Call me NOW for a free consultation and start your transformation today so that you can make your dreams come true.
Sessions are a combination of:




aimed to increase your self-awareness, self-love, self-esteem and happiness.

I tailor the sessions to your requirements and your willingness to go deeper into the unknown with me to 

heal your Heart and your Soul,

to transform you from the inside out.

Your investment in your well-being:

£80 per session or £288 for 4 sessions if the payment is upfront.

considers the person as a whole, taking into account everything that is happening outside and inside the person, in all aspects of life. It looks at what the Soul is wanting to heal in the moment.

Spirituality, Life Purpose, Spiritual, Mental & Emotional Blockages
Do you want to find your purpose in life, would you like to know how to best serve others, would you like to become a better person, breaking your spirit free from past lives event, karma and any limitations that bound you to a life you are no longer happy with?

Have you been on your spiritual path for a while and now feel stuck, that there is something you cannot figure out what it is that is stopping from going forward? I´ve been through it all in the spiritual path, in the raising of consciousness, I can help you finding out what´s your next step, what you need to heal, what is blocking you.

Are you feeling lost and need to heal your soul?

looks into improving a professional aspect, like a competency or an ability that needs to change at work after a promotion, a new job or after the person has encountered a challenge at work. It relates intimately with the personal life, therefore improving something in this area also improves the same in the personal life.

Work Performance, Promotion, Motivation, Procrastination
Or do you need to improve your performance at work, do you want to get that job, that promotion, that project and need someone to assist you with it. Do you have lost motivation at work, do you strongly desire to feel inspired again, does your working life needs a boost?

is for those who acknowledge that shifting their mindset is all that is required to be more abundance in life. It suits those who want more happiness, fulfilment and joy in life.

Better Relationships, Happiness, Fulfilment, Abundance MindSet
Do you desire to bring better things to your life, a better job, better relationships, more money? Would you like to learn the tools to overcome the mentality of scarcity and start welcoming abundance to your life?
First, no commitment consultation is FREE.

£80 for an individual session.

£288 for a bundle of 4 sessions when paid for in advanced (save £32).

A Coaching process may last 4 sessions.

Each session may last between 60-90 minutes.

FREE e-Book: 7 Definitions of HAPPINESS 

Download your FREE eBook: "7 Definitions of HAPPINESS"

SWEET BLUE offers Coaching, Mentoring, Healing & Training Solutions for the Soul. We work Globally, offering our services with the final aim of raising awareness and consciousness.

The aim on SWEET BLUE is to take a holistic and integral view of you and the challenges and let the sessions unfold, dealing with whatever comes in each moment and offering you whatever feels appropriate for the moment and for you, the whole you.

During our initial consultation we will discuss your requirements and decide on the type of service you most likely need: Coaching, Healing, Mentoring or a combination of all. It will all depend on what you are ready for and intuitively drawn towards.

My name is GEMA RAMÍREZ. I am the owner and founder of the CONSCIOUSNESS ACADEMY, a global online organisation dedicated to raising Humanity´s Consciousness. SWEET BLUE is the Coaching trade mark of the Academy.

I am a Visionary and my global dream is to see every person in this planet leading their lives in a Conscious way, becoming Conscious Leaders in all aspects of everyday life: personal and professional. A Conscious Leader takes responsibility of their own Well-Being and Happiness and aims to lead a fulfilled life.

I am a #1 International Best-Selling Author of Love Unboxed, an International Speaker, a Transpersonal Coach, a Healer, a Trainer.

I have studied with the best in the Coaching profession. I have been a student and chela of the best Spiritual Masters, even if they are unknown. I will share the wisdom and the healing that comes up in the moment with you.


I believe that, to be a good Coach, the Coach must go through his or her transformation first. You will get from your Coach as much as the Coach has transformed him or herself. I am passionate about self development and it has always been my major ambition and goal to be, every moment, the best version of myself. I am in a continuous journey towards self-discovery and self-improvement and all I have experienced and learnt, all that I have become, all my wisdom, I will put at your service, as much or as little as you will need in every moment.

I also believe that any change, for the better or worse, starts in your Spirit. Later, it manifests in the emotions, the mind and finally the body. This is why it´s so important to take a holistic view of the person, the environment and current state of consciousness. Because you are not your mind only… or your body only… you are Spirit having a human experience, I will see you as such, as the God/Goddess that you are, as the Great Potential that you hold within your Heart.

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